Front Gate

A security gate for the front entrance that will provide an extra level of security for our property.
Estimated Cost: $20,000

Pavement Top Coat

The final top coat of pavement for the entry road and parking lot.
Estimated Cost: $60,000

Camera Security system

A camera security system for the church.
Estimated Cost: $16,000

Street Lights

Street lights to line the entry road to the church.
Estimated Cost: $60,000

Additional Entrance Road to Topside Rd.

Build an additional entrance/exit road to Topside Road to help with the flow of traffic.
Estimated Cost: Bids Pending

Lower Ball Field

Preliminary construction of a ball field in the lower property area.
Estimated Cost: $30,000

Outer Finish to Building

The final phase of construction will consist of adding wood siding and porches wrapping around the exterior of the building.
Estimated Cost: $750,000